Coat of Arms

Like most genealogy research, attempting to find the original Roquemore Coat of Arms is difficult, especially since the best records are in France.

However, during the 20th century, there has been a version handed down to succeeding generations and is the most widely accepted one here in the US. This “modern” version has, just by itself, morphed twice as different family members have attempted to increase its historical accuracy. The current version was done by YORK INSIGNIA LTD, 76 Micklegate, York YO1 1LF England, phone 0904-659762.

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There has also been a recent addition to this mix by an internet service ( located in England. When asked to locate the Roquemore Coat of Arms, they found a completely different version than the other 3, this one from Auvergne, France.

From time to time, other family members have had researchers develop a Roquemore Coat of Arms. Three were recently discovered, bringing to 7 the number of versions known to exist. All of which just lends credence to the argument that heraldry is an art, not a science.

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