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Darrell Eugene Roquemore is a 7th generation American-born Roquemore, lineage as follows:

– Peter Roquemore, 1st American-born child of James Roquemore, the French emigrant, and Elizabeth Bazemore
– William B Roquemore, 6th child of Peter Roquemore and Catherine Katy Murphy
– Thomas Jefferson Roquemore II, 3rd child of William B Roquemore and Mary Ann Renfroe
– Thomas Franklin Roquemore, 1st child of Thomas Jefferson Roquemore II and Nancy Clementine Lacey
– Frank Ulric Roquemore, Sr., 2nd child of Thomas Franklin Roquemore and Minnie Ann Durrett
– Frank Ulric Roquemore, Jr., 2nd child of Frank Ulric Roquemore and Vivian King Spradling.
– Darrell Eugene Roquemore, 1st child of Frank Ulric Roquemore, Jr. and Mary Phyllis Amiral.

Darrell has been making a living with computers for over 45 years, mostly in business-related capacities. Hence, this web site is a natural extension of his professional experiences.

Darrell and his family live in Southeast Texas. He can be contacted by email.