Roquemore Farm Photo Gallery

“The Roquemore Farm”, located on the edge of Mansfield, Georgia, is actually a collection of different sections, which has been in the Roquemore family since 1820. According to deed records at the Newton County Courthouse, the 1st owner was John Roquemore, 6th child of James Roquemore, Sr., the French emigrant. Of course, since 1820, the original property has undergone various configurations as pieces were bought and sold, and others handed down to the next generation. To this day, however, there any many hundreds of acres in that area that still belong to the family.

Below are 2 views of the property, essentially from the same vantage point. Notice the skinny tree in front of the house in the left photo; compare it to the right-hand tree in the right photo. Same tree, 80 to 90 years difference.

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